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Sanhe Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a supplier specialized in String Instruments and Related Parts/Accessories.

Our main products available:
1) Guitars, and Guitar Parts/Accessories;
Guitar Parts available-
guitar bodies/necks, machine heads (tuning keys), machine head bushings, guitar string mounting ferrules, nuts, locking nuts, pickups, tremolos/bridges, tailpieces, control knobs, 3-way/5-way lever switch, 3-way toggle switch, pickguards, output jacks, cover plates (switch plate, spring cover, neck joint plate, control plate, etc.), strap buttons, screws, potentiometers, capacitors, etc..
Guitar Accessories available-
guitar strings, straps, picks, capos, bags/cases, guitar amplifiers, leads, tuners, metronomes, etc.

2) Violins, Viola¡¯s, Cello¡¯s and Double Basses; Parts/Accessories for the instruments;
Bowed Instrument Parts:
Bow, Tuning Pegs (Machine Heads), Bridge, Tailpiece, Endpin, Chinrest, Tailgut, in high/medium/common grade.
Bowed Instrument Accessories:
Strings, Rosin, Mute, String Adjuster (Fine Tuner), Wolf Tone Eliminator, Tuner, Metronome, Foamed Cases, Bags, etc.

Also, we can offer the OEM/ODM service.

Welcome to contact us. Thank you!

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